What You Didn't Know About Registry Cleaners

By Anthony Freeman

Have you noticed the big hype that's been going on with people trying to get their hands on the absolute best registry cleaners? Well I'll let you in on a little secret - if your looking to make your computer faster then using a registry cleaner will give you very little, if any, noticeable results. If you not exactly sure what a registry cleaner is, it's a database that is used to store all of your computers configurations for the operating system and the programs that you use. When you make a change to a program, the registry that corresponds with that program/application will either change or add a new registry. If there are redundant registries or registries that are not being used then the computer will run inefficiently and this is where a registry cleaner will come in.

So what exactly does a registry cleaner do that is so important? All it really does is it will remove the unwanted, redundant and broken registries that really are not helping your computer out. They are just sitting there and are taking up space for no real reason at all. The overall idea that registry cleaners follow is htat if you remove these useless registries your computer will run faster. This will happen. But the real question is how much of a difference will it make?

What most people don't know, is that cleaning up your registry will not make your computer blazingly fast. What it is will do is just make it a tiny bit faster since these redundant registries are not going to be making that big of a difference on your computer. If your lucky you will save a few seconds here an there, and that's if your lucky. Don't buy into the hype.

If you want to make your computer faster there are a lot of other things that you need to do like clean up different areas of your computer and also do some minor tweaks to your operating system here and there. Using a registry cleaner to try and make your computer faster is like having a muddy car to clean and you are spending all of your time cleaning one tire. Sure that tire will be really clean, but the car as a whole will still be dirty and inefficient.

Should you stop using registry clearers? No. The registry is one of the areas of your computer that needs to be cleaned and you should still use a registry cleaner to clean it out. I just don't suggest paying for a registry cleaner since there are some really good free ones out there. The main one that I use and highly recommend is called Ccleaner. If you are interested in it, just do a Google search for it. Just download the program and install it. Once installed, on the left hand side click on Registry and click on Scan for issues. It will now scan your computer to see where the errors are and then you will be able to remove the errors that are on your registry. Also Ccleaner doubles as a great general all purpose cleaner for your computer. Just click on Run Cleaner on the home screen and it will clean out your temporary internet files, cookies, your history and other pieces of data that are not needed anymore.

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