Deciding On A Cloud Storage Provider For Your Data

By Delfin Joaquin Paris III

We, naturally, don't like to think about predicaments that contain loss. How frequently do we go to the medical doctor before we get sick, vs right after we get sick? The same is true of insurance coverage. It has been said that insurance coverage is the hardest sale, since most individuals prefer to not cope with loss, in advance of the real loss. Nevertheless, when something goes wrong most people are fortunate they've a plan that can be counted upon. This plan of action, however, ought to be set in place before the loss comes about. The same can be said regarding online back up, which is the process of duplicating data files on the internet and storing it remotely in an additional location. This can be often called online data storage, or cloud storage.

You can find dozens, or even hundreds, of internet back up and cloud storage providers that would love to pitch their services to your business. To ensure you're making a smart conclusion concerning the best fit for your business, there are many questions to ask the possibility candidates. Besides the standard "Tell me about your services" to learn what they provide, we propose this list below as being a guidepost involving crucial questions to ask.

Questions You Should Ask a Cloud Storage Provider

1. Where is the data center located?

It's much better the data center is located a good distance away from your facility to counteract a natural disaster. Most natural disasters (for example hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and floods) don't affect a region outside of a hundred miles. We recommend obtaining a service provider which is a minimum of that distance from the company.

2. How secure is the service and your storage facility?

Enquire about file encryption, firewalls, power supply, generators, raised flooring, and compliance certificates. Who'll have access to my data? What's your own company's backup policy?

3. Is it possible to provide client testimonials and may I talk to a few of them?

The provider should be able to provide various referrals that will vouch for their service.

4. How are expenses determined?

Fundamentally, the total amount of data being copied, the number of equipment that the back up is coming from, and the quantity of versions of the information being stored will figure into the expense of the service. But what happens should you exceed capacity? What further expenses will happen if my needs change?

5. Would you provide a free trial time period?

A lot of on-line back up companies provide a 15 to 30 day tryout time period. That is suitable to gauge the quality of service and perform a test to find out how long it would take to copy and especially to recover important computer data prior to a crisis circumstance arises.

6. What happens to my data if you go out of business?

This is a challenging, but reasonable question. How fast will you get my files back, as well as in exactly what form?

We recommend first receiving a few data storage quotes from various providers for your needs. Remember to use the question checklist above. And good luck!

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