Tips On Avoiding Your Taskbar From Disappearing

By Sharon Dawkins

The taskbar disappearing is just not frequently a common error within the Windows environment; however, there happen to be times the end user would run into this occurrence. In case you are unsure what exactly this is exactly, the actual taskbar will be the long bar usually along the bottom of your desktop. It should contain the actual clock at the right additionally, the start or Windows button on your left. Very often if the consumer attempts to maximize a window, they are going to lose the taskbar. This is most probably they have not chosen to lock the taskbar.

Here are a few straightforward things you can do initially to determine if you have by mistake done something to lead to the taskbar disappearing problem. Perhaps it will end up being as simple as you inadvertently caused it to be too tiny or you could have essentially clicked on something asking if you needed to hide it.

This is what to do and also check if your taskbar disappears. To begin with, look at the place your taskbar should be, and set your mouse cursor there, right mouse click and click on properties. Do you see 'auto-hide' there additionally if you do, is it checked? If it is, untick and the bar could be back. Additionally, you will want make sure that you have 'keep the taskbar on top of other windows' ticked as this will prevent the actual taskbar from going behind the actual windows.

You should employ 'lock the taskbar' selection to keep the bar in the same exact place in the bottom of your desktop so you won't ever have to reset it often. It's always best to have it set in a single position as opposed to floating around plus this can also avoid the taskbar from disappearing if you decide to maximize a window or perhaps application.

In cases when these had been ticked and set the way we mentioned, however you are still experiencing the taskbar disappearing situation, you could try one of the following as a substitute. Try pressing CNTRL-ESCAPE simultaneously and find out if your taskbar reappears. If not, maybe you may have to press CNTRL-ALT-DELETE and start the task manager, at this point you will need to determine if 'explorer.exe' is actually running, if perhaps it is end the process. Now click 'File - New task (run)'. Key in (without ' ') 'explorer.exe' and then ok. The taskbar ought to now be visible, if you were unable to run this simply because you are not using Windows shell, you could have to consider a further solution.

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