What Is SEO Anyway?

By Tessie Ore

SEO is the commonly used acronym for 'search engine optimisation,' which is, as the name might give away, the process of optimising your website to increase its rankings in the search engines for the search terms relating to your products, services or website. But why would anyone bother?

Anyone who has looked into SEO has probably heard the term 'spiders,' or 'crawlers,' which are essentially the bots that search engines send to scour the web. The information these bots retrieve makes up the search results within the search engines. By carrying out on page optimisation on your website, you make changes that assist these bots to know exactly what your website is relevant for.

We love the Internet. Over recent years the number of people using it to make purchases or enquire about potential purchases has risen rapidly. We can buy anything online from car insurance, to food and clothing!

Businesses invest a lot of time, effort and money into search engine optimisation and there's a good reason. In 2009 in the UK alone, 38 billion was spent online, this in spite of a very serious recession from which we only officially emerged towards the end of that year. Forrester Research expect this figure to rise to 26 in 2014.

The Internet has become absolutely impossible to ignore and marketing departments in businesses globally are increasingly moving their budgets into digital marketing forms. More and more businesses are becoming acutely aware of the fact that simply having a website is no longer enough and that, in order to get the most from it, search engines provide an immense marketing opportunity online. Through SEO, businesses have the potential to enhance their website's visibility specifically to the consumers already looking for their range of products and services.

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