Testing The PPP009L Laptop Adapter

By Johnny Faris

I was online looking for a PPP009L adapter and found many bad reviews. Many people complained that their adapter cord would break open and expose the copper wires underneath. Others would complain about their adapter getting too hot and burning / melting their surroundings in the process. I will be investigating into these conditions.

I have devised a system of 2 tests to address the needs that people have been complaining about. The first test will test the quality of the cords. The cord quality problem was the most discussed problem and seems to create a safety hazard as it has the potential to catch on fire. The second biggest problem unveiled in the reviews was the adapter overheating. I bought 3 cheap adapters to test against these problems.

The first test I performed was on the power cords. I found a lot of reports about the power cords breaking and exposing wires. The test on the first 2 websites failed. With just a simple twist of the cord, the plastic tubing would rip and break, exposing the copper wires inside. The wire from the UShopFast.com PPP009L adapter survided the test and did not show any breakage.

The secnd test I ran the adapters for one hour while charging a laptop and running a movie. The UShopFast adapter was the least hot. I simply used my hands and feel to determine the adapter heat. Both adapters did not reach a temperature that I felt was dangerously high but this test was only run for one hour. I simply want to make a note that the UShopFast adapter did do a better job of keeping the heat away.

The last part of the test I broke op each adapter to examin the heat sync that should be inside each adapter. Not surprisingly, the UShopFast.com adapter had the heat sync all around the adapter. The other 2 adapters merely had select walls protected.