Make Your Computer Faster By Deleting Your Computers Temp Files

By Wesley Wood

So your computer's slow and you have no clue where to start to make it faster? Try cleaning up your Temp folder. Your computer's operating system is designed to run as quickly as possible but after time it will start to slow down (don't worry this is natural). Why does this happen? See when your first get your computer it is completely "clean". Then after you have used it for a while what happens is that it will start to slow down since it starts to accumulate "junk" in different areas of the computers operating system. All you really have to do is to just go in there and clean up all of that junk - yes it's that simple (well for the most part, you do also have to know how to tune your computer but that's more in depth and beyond this article). This is why the idea of registry cleaners is so attractive - it cleans one area of your computer (your registry) to make it faster - but the big problem with registry cleaners is that they only clean one area while there are many different areas that need to be worked on to make your computer faster.

Your computer's operating system (assuming its Windows based) is designed to use RAM as a temporary working place. Now when some of these files are in RAM they also need to work with other files temporarily and in order to do this they need to use a space on your hard drive. This space is folder called your Temp folder and when window's is done working with files in the Temp folder it will just delete them. The problem comes when your computer crashes, freezes or you manually kill a program. The files that were in your computer's Temp folder never got deleted and after time a lot of files can build in this folder and slow your computer down. All you have to do is to just go in there and delete them. Here's how to do it:

If you are running Windows XP on your computer just close all the running files and programs and then click on Start, click on Run and then type %Temp% in the little box and then hit the enter key. Now you're going to get another small window that will now show you what is in your Temp folder. All you have to do now is to just delete everything that you possibly can in that folder. If for some odd reason it says that you cannot delete a certain file, just skip it and move onto the next one.

If you are using Windows Vista, close all of your currently running programs and files and start off by clicking the Start button in the bottom left hand corner of the scree. Now type Run in the start menu search box. When the Run window comes up type %Temp% and hit the enter button. Now delete everything that you see in that folder. If there are some files that you cannot delete all you have to do is to just ignore them and then move onto the next one and start selecting those.

For the most part, this will free up some hard drive space which will make your computer run faster (your hard drive will have less files to take care of) and your computer will have less internal errors which is always a plus.

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