Increasing Workplace Efficiency With The Hewlett-Packard 3800 LaserJet Printer

By Ben Pate

Could your workplace benefit from having a fully-optioned laser printer that is capable of handling all your print jobs in color that can keep up with the growing and changing needs of your business? If so, then choosing an HP Color LaserJet 3800 Printer may be a wise move. Much more than simply a modified home device, this office workhorse has excellent memory, nimble processors and can finish up to 22 pages per minute. Excellent reproduction means sharp images and brighter HP Color LaserJet 3800 laser toner.

When it comes to print quality, lasers have the advantage. Because the light moves very quickly across the page, they excel in the areas of precision, speed, and economy. These machines tend to be initially a little more expensive than inkjet models but usually cost less to run. Their use of HP Color LaserJet toners is more economical than typical cartridge replacement over a period of time. Many offices rely on a laser printer to print long, involved text documents.

In addition, operation is usually very quiet, an important consideration in areas needing to keep interruptions to a minimum. During printing, the light moves quietly, finishing jobs with no annoying rumble or shaking. Frequent users will come to appreciate its paper-handling capacity, producing copies free from smudging or distortion. This product has a reputation for being reliable and durable.

This HP makes network traffic disappear with its efficiency and speed. It has full network capability, and excels with large print jobs. The administrative and management tools standard with this device are helpful in boosting productivity and cut down on print cost management headaches. These machines are user-friendly and don't require constant supervision in order to avoid operational problems. They are built to handle volume, and can print quickly and steadily on a daily basis without breaking down.

Volume is not the only area where these devices excel. Letters, cover sheets and office memos and other everyday documents can be produced at a lower cost per page than is possible with some other systems. The model 3800 has a tasking wait time of only 12.5 seconds before the first page begins to print, faster than many comparable printers with similar specifications. It can handle both color and black and white and is easily capable of a typical office print load totaling 65,000 pages per month.

A 533 MHz chip controls this device and is agile enough to handle most requests. Printed pages are crisp and clear with a 600X500 dpi resolution. If duplex printing on both sides of a page is needed, it can be done in a single pass on pages up to standard legal size. The processor can quickly and easily translate a large document into printable form.

Out-of-box memory includes 96 MB of RAM, adequate but not excessive by current standards. If this amount is insufficient for a busy office, it may be upgraded to 544 MB, which is normally enough to handle most jobs that a work group of medium size will need to print. There are three standard paper trays containing 850 sheets when combined. Normal network connectivity is via USB and it can operate in most platforms, including Mac, PC and Linux.

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