How The Ooma Telo Handset Stacks Up To Other Phones

By Chris Channing

Ooma is a leading voice over IP solution that claims a nearly-free telephone system. The Ooma Telo is the newest model, with the Ooma Telo handset being the accompanying mobile device for the system. Users don't have to purchase this model, but it does have its benefits for buyers.

The handset retails for about $50 in most areas. It is about par with other handsets considering the price, but also has unique features you won't find with other handsets. It's these features that offset some of the shortcomings of the device. Some, like the one-touch voice mail button, can save a lot of time in using the phone system.

The Ooma panel has a lot of good reviews for being so easy to use. One way to sync the contacts in your phone with the online contacts list is to simply press the sync button on the headset. This feature is only available on the Ooma headset, and not others. You will save time where you would otherwise have to manually type in names and numbers on the number pad- a tedious chore!

The Ooma Telo handset can also act as a baby monitor and an intercom system. Both features have a one-touch button to activate them. To activate the two features you must take advantage of your dual line system, which comes with the Ooma Premier service. An easy speakerphone is also included so you can do business as usual without having to worry about tying one hand behind your back in the process.

The speed of the device is likely the worst thing about the headset. It just doesn't feel so responsive like a phone should. When cycling through contacts or features in the phone, you will notice that the lag period between pushing a button and seeing the phone react can be easily noticed. It doesn't kill the phone entirely, but it's definitely something the Ooma team should have seen and fixed before releasing the headset to the public.

When it comes to design, the Ooma again pleases. Another gripe would be that the LED on the base of the phone is always on, so long as the phone is charging. The LED is unnaturally bright and most users have mentioned they had to cover it up. Again, this is something the Ooma team should have seen and fixed beforehand. This also is not a game over for the Ooma headset, but can still be frustrating to deal with.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Ooma Telo handset is a great buy. Compared to other phones it might not have the speed and such, but it does make up for it with extra features that syncs to the online applications Ooma has developed.

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