Good Use Of Office Furniture Can Dramatically Increase Productivity

By Matthew Pitt

These days, Office Furniture comes in many shapes sizes and is designed for many different reasons. Some desks are practical and small with draws built in to store a small number of essentials such as stationary. Others are functional to the extreme with room for everything an office could possibly need and a little space left over to display a few personal touches. You may have a rows and rows of desks where telesales operatives churn out call after call with only a keyboard, screen and telephone on display.

Most managers prefer to have their staff working in comfortable surroundings, as this can encourage staff to return to work earlier from break. Making the working environment an attractive, smartly presented place also gives the employee the perception of working for a more professional set up. This should encourage them to act in a more professional manner when representing the company or fulfilling their duties.

The biggest and most successful companies in the world use Feng Shui and the principles of Feng Shui should be introduced in every work environment. They are easy to follow and there is a wealth of information around to help you. Some of the simpler ideas can be introduced immediately as they involve having a clutter free environment to allow the flow of chi.

The position of your desk or desks is very important when considering the flow of positive energy or chi. It's better to have your back facing a wall and your desk should be in the corner of the room furthest from the entrance. You should also take care not to have your desk in line with and exit, restroom or stairs.

Income is generated through positioning your desk in the South East of the room whereas creativity is in the North and to the West. Large green leaves on indoor plants are also good for promoting good luck and they are a nice addition in any office. Most of the principles you'll come across are sound like common sense moves to make it all depends on how deeply you look in to it.

Red as well as green, is an important color with Feng Shui and should be used in offices where money is intended to flow. This can be the actual color of a something like the desk chair or something simpler like a photograph of some red item. Red pictures of bells or eggs are particularly recommended as are red envelopes containing cash or with your monetary target written on paper inside.

Without delving too far in to the mechanics of Feng Shui there is something that everyone needs in their place of work. A good chair is the most essential addition to make yours or any employees day better immediately. Without a doubt this is what you should spend a large part of any budget on as this is what will be appreciated most. If your budget is tight then make sure that as a minimum requirement you have height adjustable seats and some lumbar support.

The best or most modern artwork will have little effect on yours or an employees moral when compared to a good chair. Two hours spent with a hard, uncomfortable chair will seem like you've been sitting there all day. So when the time comes to renew your office furniture have a little think about this. It's a good idea to spend most of your money where you spend most of your time.

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