Explore The Various Capabilities Of Xerox's Phaser 8560 Printer

By Ben Pate

For anyone who has been in search of a new printer, considering what's listed in a few reviews can be very helpful.When you understand the common capabilities of the printers that you are curious about, you will be able to find a printer that will be able to accomplish the tasks that you need. The following information is about the Xerox Phaser 8560 Printer and Xerox Phaser 8560 ink.

This specific line of printers was originally created for use in the office, however, because of the results it is able to return, many people also use it for their home office. The printer itself is able to give high quality prints at a very fast speed. The printer uses solid Xerox compatible toner, which gives professional and glossy results in comparison to what you may be used to with ink jet or laser printers.

Another noteworthy factor is the lack of waiting time related to using this printer. With laser printers, it is more common to have to wait 30 seconds or even a few minutes before the printer is ready to perform the task. Due to the difference in mediums, this printer is generally ready to print within 3 seconds. However, because the printer uses solid ink, it takes a few minutes to melt the ink initially at the beginning of the day.

Due to the printer being intended for office use, it is 60 pounds and of larger size. It isn't a notably large sized printer but it does require some space. Because of this, it would be more appropriately stored beside or beneath a desk. This enables you to readily have your prints without having to lose any desk space.

It comes with an easy to understand manual and is very simple to setup. Many users have some problems knowing which cartridge should slide into which location, however, it is less of a problem with this model. Each cartridge and the slot that it is assigned to is uniquely shaped so that there is no confusion about which cartridge should be placed in a certain area.

You will also have the option of different selections you can add on to the printer, and your maintenance kit. If you want to add more feeds to the printer at the bottom, this is available for an additional fee to your printer. It is generally not necessary if you are not going to be dealing with an excessive volume of printing tasks and the feed that is already associated with the printer is able to handle a large capacity and variety of work. Likewise, your maintenance kit will need to be replaced every 10,000 to 30,000 pages printed, depending on that capacity.

It should be noted that since this printer is commonly used in offices, it generally uses more energy than what you would experience with other printers. For those that want to use this in a home office setting, this may be of concern, though there isn't a great difference in usage. Additionally, most desktop printers are silent but this specific office model is known to be moderately silent, which may be an important factor for home office users.

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