Effective Hosting

By Logan Oulman

It is not too difficult to set up a cheap web hosting reseller, but you will first want to make sure that you understand all of the fundamentals of the service. Web hosting reseller operating by purchasing bulk web space from large server companies and then, naturally, they resell this web space to other smaller entities that want to set up their very own web sites.

The first step of starting your own cheap hosting reseller business is to take a look at the various web hosting companies on the internet and research which ones offer the best packages. This should also give you an idea of how your competition does business and help you to decide what market you want to target. You will want to come up with a brand name for your new reseller business that somehow evokes what you do, and you will want to register this domain name with a domain name provider.

Once that is done, observe the legal formalities required for any business start-up. You will need to register your cheap web hosting reseller business with the office of the Secretary of State for your state and then you will want to open a bank account for your business. At this point, you may also consider incorporating your business.

After you have finished with these initial steps, you will want to get in touch with the hosting provider that you want to resell the services from. One good idea that many cheap web hosting reseller companies neglect is to actually host a website of your own with the company you choose so that you can gain firsthand experience with respect to the levels and quality of service they provide.

The next thing that you will want to do is actually go live with you cheap web hosting reseller service and then start bringing traffic in for your site. As important as the other steps of this process are, perhaps the most important is the creation of your website as this is what will ideally allow for ease of signing up for business, as well as build confidence in your prospective clients in regards to the services you offer.

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