CD Duplicator Companies

By Mark Walters

Odds are good that when you got your first personal computer it did not have a CD or DVD drive. That meant if you needed a copy of a CD, you could not make it yourself at home. Instead you had to find some method of acquiring a copy, often at a sizeable expense. This, of course, is no longer true, as almost all personal computers now come with a CD drive that reads and writes. This allows you to make copies of CD's at home. Even with this capability, there comes a point when making large quantities of copies at home no longer makes sense. When you reach this point, it is time to consider hiring a CD duplication service to make the copies for you.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the cost of using a CD duplication service is fairly low, especially compared to what you might have paid a dozen years ago. Prices have come down considerably in recent years due to the competition of more companies in this business niche, and the fact that the cost of the blank CD's is much lower than before.

If you have ever spent a few hours making copies of CD's, you know how time consuming it can be. Based on that experience, you know that you don't want to sit at your personal computer for hours or days on end making copies. It is generally thought that if you have more than twenty-five copies to make, hiring the services of a CD duplication service is more cost and time effective. The duplication service can produce the copies much faster than you would ever be able to do on your own.

Depending on the intended use of your copied CD's, you might require printed jewel cases for each CD. In this case, using the services of a professional CD duplicator is definitely worthwhile. They can quickly copy the CD, print the jewel case, and insert the CD to give you a professional looking product. This can be an important advantage to musicians or businesses that intend to sell the CD's.

All in all, CD duplication services offer a higher level of quality than you would get at home. There has been more than one person who tried to burn CDs for themselves, and then found out the next day that all the CDs were blank and essentially worthless. CD duplication services will have safeguards to make sure that this type of thing doesn't happen. Due to the fact that it is a standardized process, there is less room for failure. These companies will want to do a good job to keep your business.

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