1 Simple Easy Technique To Make Your Slow Computer Faster

By Gary Foster

Once of the biggest reasons as to why your computer runs slow has to do with your computer being setup to "look pretty". A lot of your computers resources are being used to make the interface look good and if you were to tune these down, then your computer might be able to run a bit faster.

If you tune it down, you will get a small performance boost. This is especially true if you are a Windows Vista user (Vista has a lot of unnecessary programs that run in the back ground that are designed to just make the operating system look nice. By disabling them you will get a small performance boost). If your curious about this, here is how to do it:

If you are using Windows XP, click Start, right click on My Computer and select Properties. Select the Advanced tab and where it says "Performance", click on the Settings button. In the Visual Effects tab select Adjust For Best Performance. What you are doing here is making Windows XP look more like Windows 98. If you would like your computer to look somewhat good and still be tuned for performance, select the Custom box, make sure that all of the other boxes are checked off, scroll down to the bottom and select "Use Visual Styles On Windows And Buttons". Now select Apply and then OK.

If you are running Windows Vista just start by clicking Start in the left hand corner of your screen, right click on Computer and selecting the Properties option. On the left hand side, select the Advanced System Settings. In the advanced tab where it says Performance double click on the Settings button. Now in the Visual Effects tab, select Adjust For Best Performance. This will make your Windows Vista look more like Windows 98, but it will be faster. If you would like to keep the way that your Vista looks, and still have your computers fixed to go faster select the Custom box, make sure that everything is checked off and then select the box that says "Use Visual Styles On Windows And Buttons". Click Apply and then OK.

So how much of a performance boost should you expect? Well that varies greatly. I have used this technique on a lot of slow computers and what I have realized is that some of them will be a lot faster and others you might not even notice that there was a difference. For the most part, you really aren't loosing anything by trying this "tune up" out so you might as well give it a shot. If you don't like the way that your computer look after doing this, then just change it back to the way that it was before you started to make changes.

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